The business world is changing so fast, such that the success factors of yesterday are quickly becoming irrelevant in the modern world. This is resulting in an urgent need to adapt fast to the latest operational and management trends or become irrelevant.

In other cases, many businesses and entrepreneurs are becoming victims of their own success, especially when businesses grow faster than available management or strategic capabilities. Yet, in other cases, it is the other way round, whereby a business has everything it possibly needs to grow, but there isn't any growth taking place.

There are many factors that impact business success, and at times working with the right professionals and business consultants could be all it takes to bring everything back on track.

At Savvy Concepts, we are specialists in the Medium, Small and Micro-enterprises (MSMEs). As former CEOs and senior managers in this sector, we understand the real opportunities, challenges, and entire dynamics of startups and businesses in the growth phase. We have the tried and tested solutions to most of the problems that hinder growth, and we would be glad to help you unlock the true value of your enterprise.

Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise include:

  1. Market surveys and feasibility studies
  2. Development, review and guiding implementation of organisational strategies
  3. Financial planning - including packaging the business for funding by banks and investors
  4. Development of competitive advantage and how to capitalize on the same
  5. ICT, E-Commerce and digital marketing
  6. Succession planning to ensure success even after exit of the founder
  7. Product development
  8. Market entry strategies for new products

Whatever your management consulting needs, you can never go wrong with Savvy Concepts. Talk to us today for the best solution.


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