Business Plan Writing in Kenya

Whether seeking startup or growth capital for your business, or you have a business idea that you wish to package into a bankable concept, you can rely on our expertise to help you realize this. We are the leading concept development and business plan writing agency, and serving you will be a pleasure. Click Here For NGO Proposal Writing Services.

The Business Plan

For startups, we write business plans that help you achieve the following:

  1. Refine your business idea and create a clear and workable road map to success.
  2. Qualify for capital injection by commercial lenders such as banks and micro-finance institutions.
  3. Win funding from venture capital firms and angel investors.
  4. Attract investors so they can buy into your business and become partners/shareholders.

Our business plans come complete with in-depth industry analysis, product description and clear identification of target markets and buyer profiles. The plans also present the requisite licensing and regulatory requirements, operations plan, HR requirements, as well as market penetration and growth strategies. In the financial section, we present a well-thought-out budget detailing each startup cost and operational expenses, as well as balance sheets, income projections and profit and loss estimates for at least three years. In the case of borrowed funds, we give you a breakdown of expected loan installments to reassure lenders that the business will cater for running costs, return profits, and leave substantial amounts of cash to finance growth. 

Business Proposals

Business proposals come in handy in several ways. This includes when pitching a business idea to a third party (person or organization) for commercialization; when seeking funding for a specific project or line of business; as well as when introducing a new product or service to other organizations in a B2B engagement, among others.

Whatever your situation or intended outcome, you can rely on our 20 years of experience in writing successful professional business plans that deliver results. 

Turn Around Time

We deliver most of the business plans and proposals within a week from the time the client pays for the service. 


Given the wide diversity of business planning and proposal writing requirements in different industries, it is not possible to have a one-size-fits-all kind of pricing. We thus bill each task based on its requirements. For a quotation, please send us an email describing your concept and the specific deliverables that you would wish us to help you accomplish, and we will review the requirements and give you a quotation.

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